The comics is an adaptation of the original “children's” book by the Czech playwright and writer Ivan Vyskočil. He is known as the founder of several theatres, and has experimented and worked with the principles of the theatre of the absurd and dadaism, among others.

After several years of work the book was published in 1990., even though Tinybut Laikus was originally conceived as an authorial performance. The author himself wrote of his work:

“It is very much childish play, imagination and thinking for those who still know how to play, imagine and think, or want to learn it.”

The book employs the author's well-known principles and methods which he uses not only here but also in his short stories and plays. The text often works with puns and hidden meanings, phonetics, and onomatopoeia. The foundation and strength of the book doesn't lie in the simple story but in the author's engagement with the text and with the reader, who is an active participant.

The interactive adaptation for tablets and PC takes this book into the digital world and gives it even more options provided by new technologies – sound, animation, music, voice, interactivity…

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